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Then my head entered into her spacious stomach, and soon, after she swallowed my feet, my body joined me inside of her and I curled up. Michael c hall naked. Only him still was lonely, and it really made him nervous. Wolf girl vore. His older sister Emma was coming into the room she was bord and had nothing to do and saw Mike sleeping "Mike," she said trying to wake Mike up Emma pushed on him and moved him around on the couch, "ummmmm," Mike mound not even waking up, Emma was so bord she hated being bord not even going on the computer or watching TV sounded fun, "ahhhh, I'm so bord," Emma said she sate down on the edge of the couch thinking of something to do she look at Mike and had some idea hatching in her head she got up then walked into her room, her room had a lot of posters and a book shelf with a TV she reached down under her bed and pulled out a suit case, she unlocked the suit case inside of it was bottles of potions she had created she got a bottle of her favorite one it was one that could turn her into a dragon but she wasn't going to use it at least not yet.

His small frame shivered in the drenching cold, and his frightened, sad eyes darted to and fro looking for a place to get out of the rain. The Ninetales slowly rose from it's slumber, opening it's eyes to greet the looks of the morning sun. Victoria secret lace booty shorts. It would either drizzle pathetically, or else pour for days on end. I could tell something was following me,but i didnt want to find out what.

Please feel free to contact with us in any purpose. He put on his clothes and took his fishing rod and a small backpack with baits and some bread for himself. Your thoughts trailed off. She licks him, and he smiles "You're bigger than I remember Sakura Haruno was decorating the mission room for the festival.

Her mom seemed to take a liking to me and my politeness. A mouses unlikely mother vore story My name is Jerome, I'm a white mouse I am only 8 years old and I have no family, no home, I'm living in streets, surrounded by danger such as birds, bats and worst of all, cats.

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Yes, you were home, in your snug little cabin. Real porn videos xxx. Right now - no. She quickly kissed my cheek and ran inside. Now I am cold, scared, hungry and I am having to always look over my shoulder every second, and every time I looked behind me, I was expecting to see a cats mouth about to close on me.

Usually if people saw her with full belly, they were trying to run away as fast as they can. Wolf girl vore. Jane just nuzzled him and leaned her head down to him, giving him a long, wet kiss. The boy's name was Mike he was very childish all his life he always loved dragons he would read about dragons and watch movies no matter what he did it had something to do with dragons, He walked in a filed of tall grass the tall grass pracktikly over towered him since he was short, He looked up at the sky the sun was beging to set beyond the hills the sky was turning a orenge,yellow color.

The weather was clear and sunny, today would be a perfect day for exploration. Wow I just realized I have been up for 36 hours reading your story's, they are awesome! The New Employee The New Employee Vore RP story Located in the center of a small town, posted to a wall outside.

The noise alerted the Latias of your presents, You both froze This boy was only five years old when his mother dies from pneumonia leaving the child in the care of his uncle, the father having left years before. Big white butt tumblr. She had clearly caught something and, thankfully, it didn't appear to be human; it seemed as though another unlucky deer had crossed paths with her.

Mike and Evil vore RP Warning: The one to have the honor to fight the Iron dragon.

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His mind filled with anger, and with a ferocious snarl he lashed out against the stomach. She giggled and slowly began to lower her head to mine.

Stories by A-Man93 The Boy and the dragon Warning: However, this all changed when I was given a home and a loving care by my own natural predator.

I slowly peeked at her. Alex licked greedily, moaning loudly from indescribable flavour of her gorgeous pink feet, making Annie really embarassed. Crystal began to stir, her eyes fluttered open and she looked over to check on Jason. I've only started writing on english.

I was chased by a twenty five foot dragon, licked by it, and then eaten by it all to find out that it, or she as I later found out, just wanted to play with me. Wolf girl vore. I know the beginning so somewhat grim but I tried to make a very cool ending. CyborgAssasin Featured By Owner May 22,

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